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Aucuba Coffee, finding their expression through their coffee creations.

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→Aucuba Coffee← founder Mark Knapp was driven to start up a micro roastery simply focused on selecting great coffee and roasting small batches to keep quality at its core.

Having transparency and access to as much knowledge as possible about the farm, farmers, price paid, crop quality and harvest helps them to make considered choices that reflect an understanding of where their product comes from and what hands have touched it. 

They aim to showcase this by creating something distinctive and memorable to do the coffee and the growers justice.

When roasting, they first aim to figure out a coffee’s inherent flavour properties through sample roasting and cupping. Then they try to isolate aspects of the coffee they want to highlight whilst still maintaining balance. 

Mark believes that every roaster should aim to find their own expression, “Whilst we use exceptional green coffee to start with and then execute a high level of quality control, it’s our expression that defines us. I’m constantly looking for balance within my coffee where sweetness, body and brightness work in harmony”.

The end cup is one that has defining characteristics which sets it apart from the rest. What you’re left with is something that has Aucuba Coffee written all over it!

108 Bank Street

South Melbourne, VIC 3205