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Black Velvet Coffee, inspired by the classics to create memorable moments.

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→Black Velvet Coffee← are husband and wife team, Darren and Jackie Silverman, a small family-run business that have been in hospitality for thirty-something years.

Using Darren’s roasting experience from his previous life working for a renowned commercial roaster, they started off roasting single origin beans off their bench top in their tiny espresso bar.

It wasn’t long before increased customer demand meant a need to roast larger quantities, so within a very short space of time, they upgraded their roaster, leased a factory and
moved roasting offsite. And so in 2012 Black Velvet Coffee Roasters was officially born.

They pride themselves on harnessing their knowledge and resources to find stand-out coffee from farms and regions far and wide, and then roast to a profile that creates a flavour that is most appealing to their customers’ palates. “We don’t dictate how our customers ‘should’ drink coffee or which flavours and notes they ‘should’ like. Instead, we
listen to our clients – they tell us what they enjoy and how they like it to make them feel, and that’s the one we’ll do our very best to make.”

The team feel privileged to be a part of people’s lives through their coffee drinking ritual. They appreciate that it is never ‘just’ a cup of coffee, but rather a moment in time that they help to create.

136 Exhibition St

Melbourne, VIC 3000