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Clark St Coffee, keeping sustainability at the heart of their coffee creations.

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Founder Melissa Floreani has over 20 years of coffee industry experience, starting up →Clark St Coffee Roasters← after her introduction to specialty coffee on arrival in Melbourne from her hometown of Adelaide.

Her team pride themselves on sourcing and roasting distinctive coffees underpinned by their ethos of social, environmental and economic sustainability; ensuring full transparency and traceability throughout the process.

Armed with a firm belief in the importance of the story behind each coffee, they place great emphasis on the connection with each individual farmer.

Their commitment to ensuring environmental sustainability has seen the team develop innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact.

This includes creating fully compostable coffee packaging, and reducing plastic usage through the entire coffee supply chain.

Clark St also offers its customers an organic waste collection service which sees the compostable bags, coffee grinds and kitchen waste diverted from landfill and converted to fertiliser.

We think they’re doing a mighty fine job of upholding these closely held values, all the while not compromising on their focus of producing some seriously good coffee.

73 Crown St

Richmond, VIC 3121