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Code Black Coffee , a Melbourne mainstay made for humans.

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The →Code Black Coffee← guys liken themselves to a laboratory – fixated on the science and “dark art” of coffee roasting.

They are dedicated to sourcing the best beans the world has to offer, and roasting them such that the complexities and uniqueness of the beans shines through to produce a standout cup.

To this pursuit, they pride themselves on showing respect throughout the entire coffee journey, ensuring respect for the plantation farms, the produce, and the farmers themselves – all in the name of their ultimate respect for the bean.

Launching their flagship roastery in Brunswick in 2013, multiple eponymous cafe outposts across inner Melbourne have since followed – swiftly spreading their core tenet of quality first, all over town.

Initially starting out with a single origin focus, the team have branched out to experiment with creating their own coveted blends which are accessible to all who are open to enjoying a good cup of coffee.

15-17 Weston St

Brunswick, VIC 3056