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Monochrome Coffee Co., socially-minded coffee snobs out to change the world.

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Whitney and Matt Teluk founded →Monochrome Coffee Co.← as a social enterprise coffee company driven to make a difference – they’re proudly self-professed coffee snobs with altruistic ambitions.

“Our vision is that young people around the world are empowered and enabled to lead bold social and environmental movements that transform the communities around them.”

Their venture into coffee came about in 2016 when they recognised it as an opportunity to expand the reach of the impact projects they had been running across East Africa since 2013.

Monochrome Coffee Co. educates, connects and mobilises people through the experience of coffee.

They enable and inspire consumers to have a tangible impact on the global community by providing an access that is powerful and transparent, where their profits are used to fund their education projects in East Africa.

As they say, “That’s a strong cup of coffee, strong enough to change the world!”

We are in awe of their big-hearted ambitions. Their achievements and their story is nothing short of inspiring!

14 Duke Street

Abbotsford, VIC 3067