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Zest Specialty Coffee, for the love of flavour and coffeekind.

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Ever in pursuit of “The Perfect Balance”, →Zest Specialty Coffee’s← fascination with flavour brings their focus greatly on micro-lots, small batch roasting, and using an artisan approach to creating specialty blends.

The ZEST team is largely a family affair run by brothers Rod and Anton Greenfield, and Head of Coffee Aryan Aqajani who all possess an enduring dedication to bring out the best of the bean.

Times of isolation have brought the ZEST community closer together as the team have focused on their relationships with coffee farmers.

“We have a passion to help coffee farmers get a fair price for their coffee beans. Our approach has been to share our knowledge with farmers to improve their processing techniques. This means that farmers can produce higher quality coffee and enjoy higher profits for their beans for years to come”.

And their ongoing commitment to uncovering great coffee, saw their team visit a coffee farm right here, in our very own back yard! Travelling to far north QLD to participate in the harvest of Jack Murat Farms, they hand-picked every coffee cherry before completing 10 different coffee processing techniques to see which would produce the best quality in the cup.

... How’s that for passion and dedication to the craft!

51 Enterprise Ave

Berwick, VIC 3806